Vital statistics
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Gender Female
Full Name {{{full name}}}
Race Slender tan dog with auburn hair, orange shirt with blue jacket, light blue jeans and brown knee high laced boots
Family Max Goof (cousin)
Goofy (uncle)
Mrs. Geef (aunt; deceased)
Voice Actor Kath Soucie
Appearances Goof Troop
Status Alive
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Debbie is a guest character in the Goof Troop episode "Leader of the Pack". She is the older cousin of Max Goof, and the niece of Goofy.

Debbie was voiced by Kath Soucie.


Physical appearanceEdit

Debbie is shown to have tan fur with auburn hair, and she wears an orange top with a blue jacket, light blue jeans and brown knee-high laced boots.

When she was younger, Debbie wore a black top and had her hair tied up in pigtails.

Goof TroopEdit

Debbie is first heard on the phone talking to Goofy, asking if she can visit him and Max, to which Goofy agrees. After being informed by Goofy of his cousin's upcoming visit, Max shows his best friend P.J. a photo of Debbie when she was younger (which P.J. disliked) and tells him that she was his babysitter for five years, and that he always believed that she was trying to choke him to death with baby powder (when she was actually changing his diaper).

Sometime later, Debbie drives to the home of her uncle and cousin, where Max and P.J. are surprised at how different she looks from the photo. When P.J. brings up what Max had said about Debbie babysitter him, she playfully questions her cousin on if he is still telling people that she tried to choke him to death with baby powder, which Max denies. Debbie later agrees to pretend to be Max's girlfriend in order for him and P.J. to get into Burger Behemoth, which they were constantly being prevented from entering by Duke and his gang The Pharaohs. During this plan, Duke took a liking to Debbie and tried to seduce her, but failed.

After Max defeats Duke in a skateboarding race, Debbie joins him and P.J. in eating at Burger Behemoth whilst a defeated Duke looks on from afar with his gang.


  • It's never explained how old Debbie is, but given that she's mentioned to be a college student and that she's old enough to drive a car, she's likely 16 to 18, or older.
  • It's never revealed how Max and Debbie are cousins--assuming that they are first cousins, then either Debbie's mother or father is the sibling of Goofy or Max's mother, such as their mothers being sisters, their fathers being brothers, Max's mother and Debbie's father being siblings, or Goofy and Debbie's mother being siblings.
  • It is presumed that Max and Debbie hadn't seen each other since they were young children as when meeting her again, Max was surprised at how different she looked from the photo he had of her.