Ms. Pennypacker is a one-time character and a lover (possibly future wife) of Goofy in Disney's animated TV series, Goof Troop. She only appears in "Date with Destiny."

Date with DestinyEdit

She was shown at her office at Spoonerville Junior High School, but Max was sent for sleeping at Mr. Hammerhead's class, dressed like a dipstick, eating like a goat, and slipping on to his lunch and his shirt plus he was not in trouble. At night, Mrs. Pennypacker is walking at night until Pete and Gilda bumped into her spinning like a spinning top and got dizzy while she came up to the front porch at Goofy's house. But, Goofy was dancing with her until they had fallen down like ashes with roses and a mess was damaged in his living room (along with Goofy's fireplace being damaged by his mess that was caused), plus she had smoke from the chimney coming out of her mouth. While Max is telling her what she was doing, she was seeing that both were getting along with each other. At the end of the episode, she was seen walking with Goofy and Max holding hands at her along with Goofy's discussion about fixing chimneys plus dinner and dancing.

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