Vital statistics
Title Peter "P.J." Pete, Jr.
Gender Male
Full Name Peter "P.J." Pete, Jr.
Race Obese cat, hot pink turtleneck, white opera gloves, dark blue jacket, blue jeans, white sneakers
Family Pete (father)
Peg (mother)
Pistol (younger sister)
Voice Actor Rob Paulsen (1992-2000)
Appearances Goof Troop
A Goofy Movie
An Extremely Goofy Movie
Status Alive
Location Spoonerville

Peter 'P.J.' Pete, Jr. (voiced by Rob Paulsen) is the eldest child of Pete and Peg, Pistol's older brother, and best friend of Max Goof who calls him "Peej" on an occasion. He is in the same grade as Max and loves both parents, mainly Peg very much because she understands and listens to him. Max and P.J. have a very strong friendship to where it is brotherly.

He is generally shy, laid-back, kind, and sometimes acts and talks as if he is never enthusiastic about anything like many active preteens/teenagers that like relax at home. Max is a positive best friend and encourages P.J. to work together to achieve something. Like Max, P.J. sometimes questions Pete's intelligence before, during, and after he gets involved in any of his dad's plans or schemes.

No matter how reluctant P.J. is after he voices he doesn't want to do things with his dad that will backfire – Pete becomes annoyed and guilt trips P.J. When Peg finds out, she angrily fusses at Pete for doing so. P.J. strongly resembles his dad physically, loves to eat and shares, wears a blue jacket, a pink turtleneck, white gloves, cerulean pants, and brown sneakers with a yellow stripe in the middle.

Bio in Goof TroopEdit

In Goof Troop, P.J is 11 years old and lives next door to Goofy and Max. Throughout the series P.J's relationship with his father Pete is clearly based on fear, abuse, and control, with P.J often being bullied into doing thankless chores, manipulated, insulted and punished over minor failings. It is far more frequent for P.J to be shown to fear his father than to love him, mainly due to the abuse he gets from Pete.

In the first episode, P.J gloomily tells Max that he is not allowed to play with anything in his room because they are all collector's items bought by Pete. In the second, Pete forbids him to play with Max. In one episode, P.J is shown counting down the days until he can leave home. In another, Pete actually pretends he is seriously ill to manipulate P.J into doing his job just to get a day off work.

P.J. is usually seen hanging out with Max, and at one point, P.J states that Max is the only friend that he has ever had. P.J is usually talked into assisting with Max's schemes, but does prove himself to be brave whenever Max or even his father really need him.