Peg Pete
is a main character in Goof Troop. She is the wife of Pete and the mother of P.J. and Pistol.

Personality & AppearanceEdit

Peg is an unbearably beautiful, very attractive and insanely sexy woman with shoulder-length medium-dark red hair in a tri-do, long eyelashes, blue eyes, a black nose, a medium-large cleavage, an apple-bottom, child-bearing hips, medium thighs and wears a loose pink medium-sleeved sweater, light grayish-white calf-length skin-tight pants, crimson high-heeled pumps and gold hoop earrings. Despite her attractiveness, beauty and sexiness, she is obnoxious, tentative, a bit of a ditz and has a very short temper.


Peg is the wife of Pete and the mother of P.J. and Pistol. She apparently married Pete sometime after Goofy moved away from Spoonerville, and works as a real estate agent. During the series, she is often seen trying to reign in Pete's worse traits. She is shown to be quite cynical and overbearing in regards to Pete, but treats her children much better than he does.

Goof TroopEdit

Most of Peg's appearances on the show put her in opposition to Pete, often through Pete's mishandling of money and/or treatment of their children. When Pete is in a conflict with Goofy, she is often seen taking Goofy's side. In "Peg o' the Jungle," Peg, along with Goofy, Max, Pistol, and P.J teaches Pete to be more sensitive when Pete forgets their wedding anniversary. According to Peg, Pete used to be a much more attentive husband when they first married. Pete eventually gets the message, via a scam to make Pete think he had to win Peg back from a bunch of tribal lookalikes.

Other appearances often feature her real-estate business, though it is never gone into detail.


  • For reasons that are unknown, neither Peg nor Pistol appear in the films, despite being important characters in Goof Troop. A common fan theory suggests that Peg and Pete got divorced between the end of the series and the first film, and Peg has taken Pistol with her.
  • Peg might have feelings for Goofy as revealed in the episode "Goofin up the Social Ladder" in which she kisses him.
  • Peg is the first series regular of any Disney series to be voiced by April Winchell. Her first Disney television character was The Bug Master from Darkwing Duck. Coincidentally, the titular character of Darkwing Duck was also voiced by Jim Cummings, who voiced Peg's husband, Pete in Goof Troop.
  • As seen in "Wrecks, Lies & Videotape," Peg might have taken acting classes in college when she agrees to help Max get even with Pete for stealing Goofy's vacation. She dresses as an over-worked, under-payed maid and gives a very melodramatic performance and even fakes crying.
  • Her name is a play on Pete's name from the original Mickey cartoons, Peg-Leg Pete.