Pete in Goof Troop
Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Full Name Peter Pete
Race Obese black cat, cream shaven muzzle, white opera gloves, pegleg
Family Peg (wife)
P.J. (son)
Pistol (daughter)
Voice Actor Jim Cummings (1992-present)
Appearances Goof Troop
A Goofy Movie
An Extremely Goofy Movie
Status Alive
Location Spoonerville

Peter 'Petey/Pete' Pete, Sr. (voiced by Jim Cummings) is a used-car salesman, who lives with his beautiful wife, Peg, and two children, his son PJ and his daughter Pistol. He is unbelievably gorgeous and reeking of sexual energy beyond any other character within the Disney canon, however, he can be villainous, dishonest, abrasive, cunning, and suspicious. They live next door to Goofy and his son, Max. He is very cheap. He often exploits his good hearted yet addled friend, Goofy. His schemes often backfire, or he feels guilty about his horrible behavior and works to set things right. His large thighs are thick and covered in grease and sweat, his body is very meaty and hot and every fold of fat more sexually appealing than the one before.

His wife, Peg, often attempts to rid Pete of his uncouth attitude, and his son PJ is the complete opposite of his father in behavior, as he is good friends with Max, in the series and the feature film A Goofy Movie and its direct-to-video sequel, A Goofy Movie 2: An Extremely Goofy Movie.

It is revealed in the show's pilot episode ("Forever Goof") that one of the reasons why Pete dislikes Goofy so much and takes pleasure in conning or undermining him. 25 years before the start of the series when Pete was a quarterback in a big high school football game, it was Goofy who accidentally caused Pete to fumble the ball and lose the game because Goofy accidentally kicked him in the face, revealing that Goofy was on the cheerleading squad in high school. In the episode "Come Fly with Me", Pete gets zapped by Hank 5000 and then turned into a fly, which parodies The Fly (first film) and The Fly (second film).

In the series, he is the co-protagonist and antihero. In the beginning, he viscerally hates Goofy, and tries unsuccessfully to oust him from his house so he can build a fine fishing reserve in its place. However, Pete and Goofy are much closer pals in the feature film A Goofy Movie, and its direct-to-video sequel, A Goofy Movie 2: An Extremely Goofy Movie.