Vital statistics
Title {{{title}}}
Gender Female
Full Name {{{full name}}}
Race Slender dog, human-like, tan skin, mole under her left eye, brown nose, red hair, teal T-shirt, blue jeaned shorts, white ballet shoes
Family Her father
Voice Actor Kellie Martin (A Goofy Movie)
Appearances A Goofy Movie
Status Alive
Location Spoonerville

Roxanne is the cute, sweet, attractive and very beautiful girlfriend of Max Goof. Much like her boyfriend and despite her cuteness, sweetness, attractiveness and beauty, she seems to shy and some what insecure. It is hinted in the movie that she had had a crush on Max for quite a while. Despite Max's fear that she would be embarrassed by his father, she actually likes Goofy quite a bit.


She first appeared in the 1995 feature film A Goofy Movie, and then later in House of Mouse. She has also made some appearances in various different Disney comic books, including, a cameo in a Darkwing Duck comic in 2011.



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