The Good, the Bad and the Goofy
Season 1, Episode 59
The Good the Bad and the Goofy
Air date October 1, 1993
Written by Jeff Saylor
Episode guide
"Goof Fellas"
"Educating Goofy"
"The Good, the Bad and the Goofy" is an episode from the animated television show Goof Troop.


Thinking that Goofy's a bad-luck jinx, Pete tries to use it against some inept crooks. The police think that Pete is a hard-to-catch burglar, thanks to Goofy. But they get the real burglars at the end.


  • The animation looks a little different in this episode.
  • The third and last appearance of Wallace and Spud.
  • In this episode, Wallace and Spud's personalities and voices are switched.
  • This is one of Peg's more significant episodes for building her character. Despite her frustration with Pete, she still worries over his safety, and pleads to Goofy to help Pete return safely.
  • The animation looks a little different in this episode. The second appearance of Wallace and Spud who appeared in "O, R-V, I N-V U" but in this episode, their voices and personalities are switched.
  • Max and P.J. are absent in this episode.
  • Originally aired in April and May of 1992 on the Disney Channel; release date reflects second airing in Syndication as part of the two-hour Disney Afternoon cartoon block (replacing DuckTales). These repeats in syndication aired concurrently with new episodes aired on ABC on their Saturday morning line-up.

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